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Digital economy is already a reality. Moreover, the European Commission has declared the next 10 years as the Digital Decade of Europe[1]. Digitalisation processes no longer affect only selected companies or industries, but are becoming universal and global. In the face of climate change, this is also a huge opportunity for water-related businesses.

  • Rainwater management systems
  • Innovations in the water and wastewater industry – BUMERANG SMART
  • BUMERANG SMART in Rzeszów – implementation and tangible benefits
  • WATERFOLDER platform – a modern tool for designing a retention tank 


9 March 2021. The European Commission has set out a vision and direction for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030. It considers that delivering a successful transformation is key to achieving the transition to a climate-neutral, resilient, closed-loop economy[2].


Rainwater management systems

Monitoring and remote operation are nowadays inseparable elements of modern water and sewerage systems, which translate, among other things, into greater safety in terms of flood protection. With the development and expansion of water and sewerage networks, there is also a growing need for modern monitoring solutions for the operation of individual facilities, that may be located many kilometres away from each other.

Depending on specific needs, these include stand-alone control and monitoring systems, as well as configurations integrated into existing solutions. The aim of both is to improve the quality of operation of the entire water and wastewater network and its individual facilities, resulting in better management of rainwater retention and use.

Automation of the processes allows access to real-time data concerning the operation of the network and a more efficient response to any adverse events and emergencies. This helps to avoid unpleasant consequences, both legal and financial. The data collected provides support in the ongoing operation of the equipment, but is also used in long-term development plans.

How does an smart monitoring and management system for a water and wastewater system operate? Measuring devices in the form of probes, sensors or flow meters and remote-controlled actuators, such as pumping stations, gates or valves, are installed on individual sites.

The monitoring system feeds real-time data via radio or wired transmission to a cloud-based monitoring station equipped with, among others, process visualisation software. The data is collected and analysed and, in the event of undesired events, the system generates appropriate alarms and enables automatic execution of controls at remote facilities.

Innovation in the water and wastewater industry – the BUMERANG SMART system

BUMERANG SMART is an intelligent system for the management, control and monitoring of water and sewer networks. It can be an integral part of HYDROZONE storage tanks, but can also work in conjunction with other sewer, stormwater and sanitary network facilities.

The system minimises the need for local inspections of the facilities and allows for accurate scheduling of service dates. It also reduces the response time of technical services in the event of a breakdown, resulting in a high level of environmental safety.

Data from the system is made available to the user from a web browser. In addition, the system collects data from weather services and local rain gauges, allowing for more efficient rainwater management. It also allows the collection of actual measurement data to perform or optimise a hydrodynamic model for the stormwater drainage system.


BUMERANG SMART in Rzeszów – implementation and tangible benefits

Implemented at the end of 2020, the BUMERANG SMART system for the rainwater drainage system in the catchment area of the Budziwój housing estate in Rzeszów allows for the optimisation of the operation of retention tanks and more efficient use of rainwater stored in the tanks. BUMERANG SMART collects real-time data from the weather service and, at the moment of forecasted intensive rainfall, automatically starts the process of collecting rainwater in retention tanks.

When the tanks reach their maximum level, filling is stopped and the gate valve in the main manifold opens. During non-rainy periods, the water stored in the tanks is collected by barrel trucks and used for watering greenery and washing streets.

At the same time, the system constantly monitors the quality of water in the tanks. In the event of any information about irregularities and deterioration of certain parameters, the system triggers the opening of the discharge valve and the water is returned to the main collector.

The integration of BUMERANG SMART with a local weather station makes it possible to initiate the water harvesting process when the measurement from the rain gauge deviates from the forecast. This makes it possible to use the potential of rainwater even more efficiently!

If, during water collection, contamination of the system occurs and the oil layer in the oil separator exceeds a certain level, the system stops operation and the system triggers an alarm about the detected contamination and the interruption of filling. This is at the same time a signal to undertake the necessary maintenance work.


The WATERFOLDER platform – modern tool for selecting a storage tank

WATERFOLDER is the first platform that, thanks to the knowledge and experience of its engineers, allows the optimal selection and quick generation of specification text and drawings for devices of various manufacturers in the water and wastewater sector, as well as the estimation of their operating costs. Most of the tools have been developed with the participation of the manufacturers themselves, so that they are tailored to the realities of the market and respond to the specific needs of the designers.

The platform uses the PANDa rainfall model as a source of information on the intensity of median rainfall in Poland. Its basis is current rainfall data from three decades, recorded using 100 rain gauges that meet the necessary measurement standards.


More information on WATERFOLDER can be found at: