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The VI Edition of Stormwater Poland – an event of which we are pleased to be a Partner – will start already on 28 September in Katowice. This is a well-known and respected, and at the same time the largest rainwater conference in Poland. It features discussions, but also practical demonstrations of how the world of rainwater can be adapted to the challenges of climate change and the needs of urban development. The conference will be preceded by a meeting of the water and wastewater industry – WaterFolder Day, which will showcase new applications and technologies to support the design process of water conservation solutions.


  • Stormwater Poland – It’s time for rainwater!
  • WaterFolder Day
  • Restore water to nature – designing retention tanks for the 21st century
  • Hydrophytic retention tanks – nature supported by technology


Stormwater Poland – It’s time for rainwater!

Stormwater Poland is first and foremost a practical approach to water management problems. It is based on case studies and a constant search for inspiration. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to exchange experiences from around the world.

Despite numerous uncertainties or economic and geopolitical turmoil, one thing is clear – the time of rainwater is coming! After numerous investments and modernisations of water and sewage systems, the time has come for drainage systems. Without them, it is difficult to think about maintaining the infrastructure of cities, the further expansion of communication networks and water management strategies.

The conference will last two days and will include four diverse thematic sessions. Our representative, Szymon Mielczarek PhD, also sits on the scientific committee. He is an Ecol-Unicon expert with many years of experience in the design, testing, certification and market implementation of building products for sewage systems. Dr. Mielczarek will also take part in the inaugural WaterFolder Day meeting of the conference.


WaterFolder Day

WaterFolder Day is the first event in Poland that will be attended by designers affiliated to the WaterFolder platform. Those who wish to explore professional selection tools in investment design will also be present. It is an opportunity to exchange views and experiences in the field of effective design, as well as to learn about new solutions and portfolios of the best manufacturers in the water and wastewater industry from the Poland and the world.

The programme will include lectures on projects such as WaterFolder Connect and PANDA. Water permits, drainage design, green-blue infrastructure, as well as training on selection calculators and modelling applications will also be addressed.


Restore water to nature – designing retention tanks for the 21st century

One of the workshops during WaterFolder Day will be led by Monika Kszczot, Product Engineer at Ecol-Unicon. On a daily basis, she is involved in product development and the adaptation of solutions to both the needs of the market and the evolving water and wastewater infrastructure. During the event, she will present the possibilities offered by the Water folder storage tank selection calculator. He will also discuss its most important functionalities.

Water folder is a unique platform which is the result of cooperation between leading manufacturers and experienced specialists in the water and sewage industry. It is currently used by more than 5,000 designers from all over Poland. The platform offers calculators for calculating retention volumes, infiltration and the selection of green roofs. With its help, it also becomes easier to estimate operating costs, select pumps and pumping stations, pre-treatment systems, gravity flow pipes or linear drainage systems.

Professional management of urban water and sewerage systems requires up-to-date, objective and indisputable rainfall data. This is why the platform operates on the basis of the Polish Atlas of Rainfall Intensities (PANDa), which contains up-to-date information on the intensity of the representative rainfall for 930 cities in Poland over the last 30 years. Importantly, the tool continues to be improved and enriched with new useful features to enhance its capabilities and usability for its target audience.


Hydrophytic retention tanks – nature supported by technology

On behalf of Ecol-Unicon, one more lecture during the first day of the Stormwater Poland 2022 conference will be given by Grzegorz Boguś. He is the Ecol-Unicon’s Commercial Director responsible for the development of customer relations and advisory and sales processes for water protection solutions.

Grzegorz Boguś will describe the most important advantages and possibilities of hydrophytic tanks. He will also provide tips on how to design them to be able to cope with hydrological dynamics, especially with fluctuations in the water level of the system.

Hydrophytic retention tanks are places where hydrological and habitat conditions similar to those in natural ecosystems are created. Thanks to biological processes involving microorganisms and hydrophytic plants, they provide efficient retention and effective treatment of rainwater and snowmelt. This is why they are increasingly being used to treat overflow water from combined sewer systems and to manage rainwater from streets, motorways, car parks or airports.

We warmly invite you to participate in the conference and also to visit our stand, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the latest rainwater retention solutions manufactured by Ecol-Unicon. We will be happy to present professional engineering projects and systems for the intelligent management of the operation of rainwater, sanitary and water supply networks, as well as the efficiency of our equipment. We will also be happy to share our knowledge and 25 years of experience gained in the Polish market.